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Record Identifier:LEX-FAOC178177
Date of Entry:2018-08-06
Initials - Entry:tra
Date of last modification:2018-09-04
Initials - Modify:tra
Record Status:C
Sub-file Code:FD
Main Area(s):FD-Food & nutrition
Language of the FAOLEX Record:E
Language of Received Document:Portuguese
Title of Text:Presidential Decision No. 102/18 creating of the State Strategic Food Reserve (REA) to contribute to the stability of the food supply of the basic food basket.
Original Title:Despacho Presidencial n. 102/18 - Aprovação da criação da Reserva Estratégica Alimentar do Estado (REA), que visa contribuir para a estabilidade da oferta de bens alimentares da cesta básica.
Type of Text:R
Descriptors (FD):114; 103; 469
institution; legal proceedings/administrative proceedings; food security
Date of Text:2018-07-31
Entry into Force (Notes):This Presidential Decision enters into force on the day of its publication.
Serial Imprints:Diário da República, I Série, No. 112, 31 July 2018.
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Abstract:This Presidential Decision approves the creation of the State Strategic Food Reserve (REA), aiming to contribute to the stability of supply of food fbeing part of the basic food basket. It establishes composition, duties and responsibilities of the Food Reserve, placed under the management of the Angola Customs Warehouse, Public Company EAA - EP, delegating powers to the heads of the Ministerial Departments responsible for the Trade Sector and the Public Business Sector for its regulation of the REA and the constitution of its Consultative Council.