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Record Identifier:LEX-FAOC177941
Date of Entry:2018-07-17
Initials - Entry:pus
Date of last modification:2018-07-17
Initials - Modify:pus
Record Status:C
Sub-file Code:PL
Main Area(s):PL-Cultivated plants
Language of the FAOLEX Record:E
Language of Received Document:Montenegrin
Title of Text:Regulation on the production and marketing of seed vegetable materials.
Original Title:Pravilnik o proizvodnji i stavljanju u promet sjemenskog materijala povrća.
Type of Text:R
Descriptors (PL):420; 403; 407; 303; 410; 081; 406; 104
vegetables/legumes; plant production; planting material/seeds; classification/declassification; certification; inspection; packaging/labelling; data collection/reporting
Date of Text:2018-04-13
Entry into Force (Notes):This Regulation enters into force eight days after its publication in the Official Gazette.
Implements:[LEX-FAOC155848] - Law on agricultural plant seeds.
Amended by:[LEX-FAOC177942] - Regulation amending the Regulation on the production and marketing of seed vegetable materials.
Publication Reference:Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro 26/2017
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Abstract:This Regulation determines the categories of seeds of vegetable materials, the manner of packaging and marking of vegetable planting materials (seeds), including the methods, specific conditions and method of production and trade with such materials.

This Regulation further sets the: methods for the correct performance of expert control and inspection, reporting over such inspections and controls; contents and application for various related certifications such as recognition of seeds/crops and related records and data keeping.

This text transposes the rules and provisions contained in the: Council Directive 2002/55/EC of 13 June 2002 on the placing on the market of seed material of vegetables; Council Directive 2003/61/EC of 18 June 2003 amending Directive 66/401/EEC 2002/55/EC on the placing on the market of seeds of vegetables; and several other documents as listed after the article 23.

The Annex is also part of this publication (containing full technical and administrative forms).