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Record Identifier:LEX-FAOC177402
Date of Entry:2018-06-07
Initials - Entry:hup
Date of last modification:2018-09-29
Initials - Modify:hup
Record Status:C
Sub-file Code:WA
Main Area(s):WA-Water
Language of the FAOLEX Record:E
Language of Received Document:English
Title of Text:National Water Supply and Sanitation Act 2016 (No. 52 of 2016).
Long Title:Being an Act - (a) to provide for co-ordinated water supply and sanitation services and for the planning, design, construction and management of water supply and sanitation systems in the country; and (b) to levy charges in respect of these services and systems, to make provision for the establishment of Water Papua New Guinea Limited as a company replacing the Waterboard; and (c) to repeal the National Water Supply and Sewerage Act 1986, and for related purposes.
Type of Text:L
Main/classifying keywords:232
water supply
Descriptors (WA):002; 232; 231; 233; 114; 806
basic legislation; water supply; waterworks; sewerage; institution; comparative analysis
Comments:For the purposes of Section 41 of the Organic Law on Provincial Governments and Locallevel Governments, it is declared that this Act relates to a matter of national interest. The Act complies with constitutional requirements as set out in section 1.
Date of Text:2017-01-26
Repeals:[LEX-FAOC065763] - National Water Supply and Sewerage Act 1986.
Serial Imprints:Papua New Guinea Sessional Legislation.
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Abstract:This Act establishes the Water Papua New Guinea Limited, defines its duties and powers and provides with respect to its administration and operation. The Act also makes provision with respect to water supply and sanitation in general. The Company shall principally secure and provide an adequate supply of water in accordance with this Act. For so long as water supply and sewerage facilities and services in the National Capital District are provided by another entity under the National Capital District Water Supply and Sewerage Act 1996, the Company's functions does not extend to or be exercisable in the National Capital District.

The Minister may, on the recommendation of the Company, by notice in the National Gazette, declare an area to be - (a) water supply district; or (b) a sanitation district. Upon such declaration, water supply and sanitation systems become the property of the Company. The Company may, subject to the approval of the Minister, delegate to the local authority or local-level government, all or any of the powers and functions of the Company under this Act relating to the supply of water in that water supply district or the provision of sanitation services within that sanitation district. The Act sets out duties of the Company and private users with respect to water supply and sanitation works. The Company is authorised to impose tariffs, rates, fees and charges for water and sanitation services supplied by the Company in the categories set out in the Schedule. It may at certain conditions expropriate land. All land in a water supply district or a sanitation district which is - (a) the subject of a State Lease under the Land Act 1996; or (b) Government land as defined in the Land Act 1996, is rateable, in respect of water rates and sanitation rates. The Company must carry out community service obligations imposed on it by the Head of State.