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Record Identifier:LEX-FAOC177224
Date of Entry:2018-06-01
Initials - Entry:var
Date of last modification:2018-06-06
Initials - Modify:var
Record Status:C
Sub-file Code:EN; FD
Main Area(s):HE-Health
Language of the FAOLEX Record:E
Language of Received Document:English.
Title of Text:National Health Strategy - Our health our future.
Type of Text:P
Descriptors (EN):822; 849; 104; 821; 963; 706
public health; sustainable development; data collection/reporting; governance; antimicrobial resistance (AMR); disasters
Descriptors (FD):464
food quality control/food safety
Date of Text:2018
Entry into Force (Notes):2018 - 2022.
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SO1 coverage:No
SO2 coverage:No
SO3 coverage:No
SO4 coverage:No
SO5 coverage:Minor
Abstract:This sectoral policy is a nation-wide document that is a part of the National Development Strategy 2018-2022 and it based on the following Vision "Improved health for Qatar’s population, meeting the needs of existing and future generations". The Strategy reflects a global shift in thinking by focusing on seven priority population groups, in particular the most vulnerable individuals, including children, mothers, older people and those with special needs. In addition to the seven priority population groups, this Strategy focuses on five system-wide priority areas to improve the health system overall, such as (i) strengthening integrated care services; (ii) enhancing health promotion and disease prevention; (iii) enhancing health protection using data more effectively to make the right decisions for patients and services, (iv) effective governance considering health in all policies; and (v) developing an effective system of leadership to deliver the necessary changes and improvements. The approach for the health sector will be focused on the Triple Aim of better health, better care, better value. Better health will be achieved through a focus on health promotion, reduced exposure to disease risk factors and by encouraging healthy behaviors. Better care means ensuring more services available in community settings, close to people’s homes. Better value concerns the need to ensure the efficient and effective use of resources, whether they are monetary, human or infrastructure capital.

In particular, as regards priority area III, concerning the enhanced health protection, the Strategy aims at decreasing the anti-microbial resistance (AMR) and dangerous environmental exposures, strengthening food safety regulation and improving emergency and disaster response readiness.